Sunday, September 27, 2009

Proclaiming the Gospel with the Gospel Gorilla and More on Mill Ave.

I’ll try to be somewhat brief, a lot happened last night (September 26) and it would take too long to record it all. We got out to the Mill Ave. area a little after 7:00 pm. Jennifer and I met up with Phil Ballmaier and then Jeremy, Tish and Joshua Bowling . Phil had been talking with some Muslims by the mosque, which is just off Mill Ave. Jeremy was wearing a gorilla suit. The purpose of course is to draw a crowd and somewhat mock the ridiculousness of particles-to-people evolution (I say particles-to-people evolution because we do believe in changes in animals, just not new genetic information coming about in the animal). We came together and formed a circle not far from the mosque and prayed concerning the evening. After we finished praying, two men (probably in there twenties) asked us what we were doing. They were apparently Muslim one of which said he was from Afghanistan. We explained that we were praying. We talked to them for a bit about Christianity and the sufferings and crucifixion of Jesus. While we were talking, a lady came and asked us if we had any money. We talked with her a bit and even prayed with her. Phil ended up buying her a sandwich/ wrap. One of the guys we were talking to gave her a dollar and Jennifer found some change in her purse to give her. Veronica expressed an interest in reading about Moses, so Jennifer also gave her a Bible. Tish gave her a gospel booklet. Eventually, we got on Mill Ave. People really seemed to like the gorilla suit. We also saw Tom Fusco and Al Gordon looking for a place to set up out there. Phil did some open airing and then Jeremy did (see video), which was actually really funny with the gorilla suit. Richard stopped by and handed out some tracts.

Not long after Jeremy finished preaching, Steven and Kelly showed up. Around that time Jeremy, Tish and Joshua headed out. Jennifer and I walked them to their truck. It was great fellowshipping and spending time with them. When Jennifer and I got back to Phil, Steven and Kelly, they were sharing the gospel with a man (see pictures) who I later saw with the lady Phil had earlier bought the sandwich/wrap for. Nathan also eventually came out.

There were various encounters, public Scripture/tract readings and open airings.

After a while, Nathan took off as did Steven and Kelly. As always, they were all such joy to serve with. It was about 10:30 at this point. Phil, Jennifer and I went over to the bars to preach. I was kind of down at this point, but the Lord picked me up. We did a lot of open airing, Scripture readings and had some more conversations. Phil did a great sermon in the book of Ephesians. We stayed out till a little after 1:00 am. It was an interesting evening. Praise God for his protection.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Blink 182 Concert and an ASU Football Game

As usual, last Saturday evening, we went evangelizing on Mill Ave. It was really crazy out there. There was a Blink 182 concert and an ASU football game, so it was packed. Admitted drunkards, homosexuals and fornicators were out there as usual. There were people trying to grab the mic, take Phil’s cross, burn his cross, drown the preaching out with yelling and motorcycles, filthy language (Colossians 3:8), coarse jesting (Ephesians 5:4) and one man even followed us as we were heading to the car at the end of the night. The Lord truly blessed us with protection. Praise God!