Saturday, March 5, 2011

Evangelism on March 4, 2011

Prior to evangelizing at First Friday last night, we (some of us who regularly go out and evangelize) got together at the request of Tom Fusco (Till the Nets R Full) (a faithful brother who comes out to reach the lost on Mill on Saturday nights and in his day-to-day life) to discuses ways to get more people to come out and reach the lost. About once a month, Tom and others have a Way of the Master Seminar (which are free) and then encourage the people who attend to come out to Mill to evangelize. Tom wants to come up with new ideas to get more people to come to the seminars so that they will be better equipped to reach the lost. By the way, if you have any ideas or are in the greater Phoenix area please email us at The meeting was predictive and those in attendance said they would make an effort to get the word out about the seminars. After the meeting, we went to First Friday and set up off of 3rd St. and Roosevelt. It was an interesting time. There were a few guys out there dressed in sheets (supposing to look like togas) they were trying to heckle us, but the Lord can use their negative actions for good. They ended up drawing people to us. I decided to give one of them the good person test using the amplifier. Overall, it went very nicely. He was cooperative and went through the test and we came to the conclusion that he wasn’t good. He admitted that he was going to hell, but said he wasn’t concerned. I still gave the Gospel to those listening. The toga wearing people stayed for a while. At the conclusion of our night at First Friday, some fellow believers who were visiting from various places outside the valley, stopped by to encourage us. We found that we have some common friends who reach the lost. I always like to discuss what people believe when they say that they’re Christian as so many do and so few are. After First Friday, Jennifer, Stan and I went to Mill Ave. to continue the outreach. Had some good conversations with some people. I was able to give out a few of Ray Comfort’s books including God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life, which does a good job of covering what to do and what not to do while reaching the lost. Overall, the night was encouraging. We got to give many the Good News of Christ.

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